Azure Firewall

Microsoft have announced their Azure Firewall service, a fully stateful and native firewall service for Azure has gone into public preview. With standard cloud service features such as high availability and the ability to scale automatically on demand it’s a great adding to the now large and diverse Azure security lineup.  Azure Firewall will allow … Continue reading Azure Firewall

New Microsoft Azure Certification Paths

UPDATE - During Ignite 2018 Microsoft have provided further information. The guys over at Build Azure (a great blog and worth following) have provided a detailed look at the changes here - If like me you enjoy taking the odd exam to work towards gaining a certification you’ll be pleased to know Microsoft have announced … Continue reading New Microsoft Azure Certification Paths

AWS Spot Instances

Spot Instances on AWS are a great way to massively reduce the compute costs for your IaaS environment (AWS boasts of up to a 90% reduction in cost) not bad! So what’s the catch? Well that depends on the type of workload you’re planning to deploy to spot instances. When creating an On-Demand workload in … Continue reading AWS Spot Instances