Managing your Azure environment as it grows

So, you have your subscriptions and your resources are neatly bundled together within resource groups but now, as you're growing you find yourself having to repeat the configuration of you IAM, Security Centre policies and compliance as the number of subscriptions etc. is increased. Microsoft has thought of this and introduced Management groups a while … Continue reading Managing your Azure environment as it grows

Release Notes

It's always worth keeping an eye on the change log for any application or tool but especialy with management and scripting tools that you're using every day. The CLI notes can be found here - The PowerShell AZ Module notes can be found here - If you're seing any qwerks or things not workin you … Continue reading Release Notes

Azure Monitor

One of the many announcements from this weeks Ignite 2018 conference (you can found a detailed look at all the Azure announcements here) is the Azure Monitor for VMs. Azure Monitor (currently released in ‘Preview’) will provide an in-depth review of performance, health and even dependencies all in a easy to access view.  Azure monitor … Continue reading Azure Monitor