Passing the AZ-300

I finally got around to taking the AZ-300: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies exam this week (well overdue!) as I work towards achiving the ‘Azure Solutions Architect Expert‘ (although I disagree with the term ‘expert’ with the word Azure – Azure’s just too big to be an ‘expert’ on everything!).

As you’d expect and hopefully want it’s a hard exam covering a wide range of skills and for the first time (for me at least in a Microsoft exam) a couple of labs.

Obviously no specifics but I would highly recommend making sure you fully understand the skills measured in the exam by studying the exam page but more specifically I would highly recommend ensuring you have good time management especially with the labs. For the first time ever taking a Microsoft exam I came up against the clock and only just managed to finish within the allocated time!

The labs are poor at best, not the contents – the tasks you need to complete are fine and relevant but the labs themselves are pretty buggy, slow and often frustrating. Do make sure you complete them though, just don’t spend too long!

Good luck!

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