Azure Monitor

One of the many announcements from this weeks Ignite 2018 conference (you can found a detailed look at all the Azure announcements here) is the Azure Monitor for VMs. Azure Monitor (currently released in ‘Preview’) will provide an in-depth review of performance, health and even dependencies all in a easy to access view.  Azure monitor will of course work with your Windows and Linux VM estate and can be found on the VM blade to understand the health of a single VM or from the Azure Monitor to understand your VM estate at scale.
New Azure Monitor in Preview
The health capabilities for your VMs will allow for customisation, near-real time alerts for health issues with contextual links to knowledge base articles to help you quick remediation of the issue. To give you piece of mind this is truly enterprise ready and scalable the technology behind the new Azure Monitor is the same as Microsoft use to model health services internally across Microsoft – impressive!


Azure Monitor includes dependency mapping – you may be thinking ‘but that’s in OMS’ and you would be right (you can start to understand why Microsoft moved away from from the old pricing model for OMS). The dependency mapping feature is powered by the existing OMS Service Map solution. There are a few new tricks up its sleeve though; VM resource blade integration and the ability to map dependencies for Resource Groups and Subscriptions.  Another useful feature will be the integration with VMConnection events in Log Analytics, this will allow you to alert on spikes in network traffic. Microsoft have said the ‘Service Map’ feature in OMS itself is not deprecated but it’s expected that people will move over from the now ‘old’ OMS based experience.


Performance views in Azure Monitor are again powered by OMS Log Analytics. They offer the ability to filter, aggregate and sort across subscription, region and resource groups to rally show the performance of your VM environment. The detailed Microsoft documentation for Azure Monitor can be found here.

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