Power Management in Azure

Turning your unused VMs off has long been a cost saver, you only pay for the storage when the VM is turned off and not for the running cost of the VM itself. Microsoft has for a while had the ability to shutdown the VM on a schedule but offered no real solution on how to turn these back on natively within the portal. This was based on a per-VM basis and wasn’t at all flexible.

I have seen many customers rightly shutdown their test/dev and unused VMs overnight and weekends but enabling the powering on of these VMs on the morning has required a little custom scripting magic. Microsoft has now (finally, this is long overdue in may opinion) offered a native solution within Azure automation. The new solution offers great flexibility with options to schedule start and stop based on:

  • Schedule VMs to start and stop.
  • Schedule VMs to start and stop in ascending order by using Azure Tags (not supported for classic VMs).

And even allow an auto-stop VMs based on low CPU usage.

It’s great to see this now being offered to help save you money much more easily. More info on how you can use the solution and setup your Azure Automation account can be found here.

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