Taking my 70-533 exam

So I decided to finally take my 70-533 exam (taking this would give me my MCSE Could Platform and Infrastructure) so is something I’ve been keen on doing for a while.

The first place to start will be the official Microsoft page (https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/learning/exam-70-533.aspx) it’s important to note when looking for training material that there were some significant changes to the objectives in January this year (2018) but you will find that a lot of the training sites (Pluralsite, LinkedIn learning and even the official Microsoft practice tests don’t necessarily reflect this!). 

Obviously no specifics here but the main exam topics I faced were:

  •  Snippets of code placement
  • WebApps – you need to know them inside out!
  • Connectivity solutions and what you should use and when
  • AKS – Practice this! You won’t find much in the course materials online
  • CDN’s – tiers and features of the teasers would be useful to know.

For me the first batch of questions (probably 10 or so) were no return questions – once you’ve answered it and clicked next that’s it, there’s no going back so make sure you read these thoroughly. Another thing I noticed in this exam is there’s a lot of multi choice questions that are worth points for each correct answer to the question – great if you know the answers! Not so great if not.

I would highly recommend pulling out the objectives and sub objectives and pulling them into Excel (here’s the one I did for myself) and work though them configuring everything in the portal for yourself. Personally I’ve always found doing a much better way of learning than reading.


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